Charles B. Kenny Jordan

Portfolio Description

In my 32 years of service with FAO, I designed, negotiated, and directed 5 large rural development and forestry projects in the Andean Region with a total budget of some US$ 60 million. After retirement from FAO in 2002, I established a private consultancy company. Before selling in 2014, this company evaluated 12 large international environmental and rural development projects supported by agencies such as FAO, UNDP, EU, USAID, and the governments of the Netherland, Finland, Italy, and Switzerland. Currently, I do freelance consulting, and, as you can see by my photo, a lot of fishing. I have long been an advocate of decentralization and have worked extensity with local public institutions and community organizations to meet this goal. I co-authored the book “Pioneering Change”. This book is used as a teaching aid by many Andean universities for the promotion of self-help rural development programs and sustainable land management in the Andes. I recently wrote a paper on lessons learned in watershed management in the Andes (see Introduction) that has been accepted for presentation at the next World Water Congress to be in South Korea in 2021.